Sunday, January 29, 2012

Curly baby hair ?!?

This morning, while tending to my edges... I do that way too much!... I noticed something interesting.  I saw baby hair on my edges. Now, I know baby hairs usually lies flat, but this one had a funky curl to it. I was like... what in the World?!?. 

As you all know, I am currently in my 3rd month of transistioning from relaxed to natural. I can't remember how my natural hair was, so discovering these little curlies makes me sooooo excited! Hmm.. I wonder if my natural hair will look like this.  Hopeful thinking!
Another discovery about taming hair edges.  While watching an old episode of The Weekend Show with KimmayTube on YouTube, I learnt different ways to prevent thining edges and also to smoothen rough edges. One that I do daily for myself and my girls is to use a soft brush to brush their edges (nape and temple). KimmayTube suggested wetting the hair with water and tying a silk scarf around the edges for 10 minutes or more. I have been doing this in the past, but also using the brush. I know for a fact that tying down the hair with a scarf does work to smoothen the rough edges. I will be trying this with the girls and myself from this day forth!

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