Monday, January 23, 2012

Two strands Twist out with banana clip

January 20th, 2012

So, this morning I decide to apply some oil mixture to my 3 day old style. For some reason, my hair was extra oily and it didn't seem like my hair absorbed the oils. The only new thing I added to my oil mix was grape seed oil. I must have put too much because..all day long it was dripping!  LOL.

So, I decided to twist out my two strand twist and put my hair in a loose curly puff using a 5 inch banana hair clip.

Now I know that many people think banana clips are a big no-no.  But I tell you, there are so many styles that you can do.  The styles are not your grandma styles at all.  Check out some of these on the YouTube video by one of my favorite vloggers, Kimmaytube....
My two strand twist out using a banana clip for the puff area.

Creating a symmetrical bun with a banana clip

Note to self: Your transistioning hair does not like Cantu Shea butter leave in when it is wet...leaves whitish product on hair that takes forever to dissolve.  Apply this product only to my dry hair

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