Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Mother and My Natural Hair: Happy Mother's Day

I feel so blessed to be a mother to 2 beautiful daughters. They are such wonderful gifts from God.

 I am also thankful to have a mother who is also an influence in my life. Through thick and thin, I do truly appreciate her prayers for me. Every 1st of the month, she calls me and says a prayer on my behalf. For that, I am forever grateful.

When I was a little girl, I remember my mom's many attempts to "tame" my wild hair. To make it presentable, she would stick a million bobby pins in my hair, I did not like the process, but the outcome was admirable. With those magic bobby pins, she created bangs without cutting my hair.

Every weekend, my mom will unfailingly take me to the local hair braider to get my hair cornrowed into popular styles like suku, ipako elede. (ponytail style, all to the back). Unlike other mothers that decided to perm their child's hair, myself included, my mother did not make that decision, I did that on my own at the age of 13, after BEGGING my dad to let me relax my hair.
When I decided to go natural, I told my mother, and she was a little apprehensive about the decision. However, when she saw all the different styles that I came up with and the care I gave to my hair and that of my children, she was pleased that I knew how to care for my hair and also how to keep it looking "neat and stylish".  My mom is a stylish ageless lady! She has what I call, "Ageless Beauty".
Happy Mother's Day, Mommy!


  1. Aww what a beautiful tribute to your mother. Happy Mother's Day. Have a blessed day ♥

  2. Happy Mother's Day! I have a question for you. I noticed you used the terms "neat and stylish" to describe your mother's view of your natural hair. I noticed that a lot of people view afro textured hair has being unruly, wild, and unprofessional. I myself believe natural hair is beautiful just the way it grows out of the hair follicle. Do you view natural hair has being unruly when wore in an afro or just simply out? Or do you think its just fine the way it is (growing from the head without styling)? I love your styles by the way! Check out the picture of the young lady with the blue shirt and afro on this site below for a better idea of what I'm speaking to. :-)

    1. Thank you for reading and commenting.

      One thing I love about natural hair is the versatility of it. I used the term "neat and stylish" because it's what my mom said. Coming from many people's perspective of natural hair, due to the mentality of relaxed hair, the word neat is something that some do not put with natural hair. Natural hair can be neat and still wild and WONDERFUL. I love the picture of the woman on heyfranhey site.

      I share different looks of natural hair on my Facebook page because I love how you are not confined to a box of styles when you have natural hair.

    2. Well that's fabulous. Thank you so much for a quick reply. And yes I definitely agree with you. Natural hair can still be neat, wild, and wonderful! Have a great week. :-)