Tea Tree Oil and Grapeseed Oil, my new #BFF

One thing about my hair is that it loves to be washed once a week. When this does not happen, she gets angry and causes a bit of discomfort. I knew that this week, my wash day would have to wait till Thursday, so I was ready for all that nonsense she pulls.

Just on schedule, on Day 6, the itchiness started. Now I am also trying to train my hair to go at least 2 weeks before washing. Why? In June, I planning on getting twists done with Marley hair and since I want it to last for at most a month, I can't be washing my hair every week.

When the itchiness started, I got my tea tree oil, put two drops on a cotton swap and applied it to the areas that was itchy; the front part of my hair. Also, I notice a little flakiness and dry scalp. The tea tree oil got rid of that. YEAH!

Next was the shine. I have had grapeseed oil in my stash for a while.  I saw a YouTube video earlier in the week, where the lady used this oil for shine, I decided to try it on Lil Sis.  I used LOC method to moisturize her hair. (Water, Grapeseed Oil, SheaMoisture Yucca & Baobab Thickening Growth Milk)
It made her hair shiny and it was silky to the touch. I decided to try it on my hair and got the same results. DOUBLE YEAH!!


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