Mid-week CoWash with PomSmooth Conditioner

Yesterday, I decided to co-wash my hair using PomSmooth Conditioner.  Although my #UseItUp Challenge has ended, I do not feel the urge to buy new products because I still have a lot of conditioners and other necessary products.

My hair was in large twists and I applied the PomSmooth Conditioner generously to my damp twists and covered with a plastic cap. The conditioner was ...okay. I need to try it again after I shampoo my hair to see if that makes a difference. My hair did feel soft, but lately, my hair has been behaving and staying soft since I started doing mid week co-washes and being on top of my game when it comes to

After about 15 mins, I rinsed off the conditioner with cool water, and applied my oil mix. I followed up with the Shea Moisture Thickening Growth Milk.  I untwisted one twist, apply my whipped shea butter to the length of the hair and the ends, and retwisted that one twist into two twists.

I am so pleased that my ends are doing so great. In 2 weeks time, I will be 6 months post Transitioning Big Chop. One character that my ends have is being bushy regardless of me cutting it. The health of my hair is great, but my ends have this character that only exists if I try to twist two big of a section. If I look at individual strands, the ends are PERFECT. Due to this, I know that is the nature of my hair.. and I am okay with that.


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