Thursday, May 16, 2013

Bantu Knot Out With Oil Only

 Last night, I decided to do Bantu Knots using just oil. My hair was previously in  flat twist out, and I did not see any need in putting in moisturizer. So, smart little me, decided to just put some oil and cross my fingers that my hair will feel soft the next day.

Well, it did feel soft!  It always does when I use the Goin' Natural Morargan Gold Moroccan Oil. However, the ends were DRY.  Ouch! I remembered something that Naptural85 said in her latest video regarding Pros and Cons of Long Natural Hair. She mentioned that "as your hair gets longer, it takes a longer time for the natural oils on your scalp to travel to the ends of your hair" , which is the oldest part of your hair. I feel that this is one of the issue. However, I should have sealed in the moisture with either a thicker oil like Jamaican Black Castor Oil, or my Whipped Shea Butter.
Lesson learnt.

I still love my hair. It looked BIGGER today.  The camera does not show the size.. *FROWN!!!

One little trick I learnt!

Did you know that when you take a picture of yourself in the mirror you appear smaller than you are? LOL! I'm not a big person, but I always notice this.  Cool, huh!

This is the picture of the mirror-me. I did this so that you can see how big my hair is getting.  LOL.

 Now, this is the non-mirror-me.  My hair appears smaller.  Oh-well...

I wanted to put a flower in my hair, but couldn't find one that matched, so, I "borrowed" the girls' little head band.. Nearly broke it on my BIG HEAD.  LOL.
Looks cute, eh?  Can't tell it is a headband. Cool trick!


  1. LOL, thanks for sharing! I love the headband. Your hair looks nice as always :-)