Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Do you have a Hair Dairy?

June 17th Wash Day

If you are like me, forgetful, brain-drained...at times, you need a Hair Dairy.

What is a Hair Diary?
A hair diary is a place where you document what you do to your hair. For all of us - hair fanatics, yes... that's me.. feel free to join my club. LOL!. I need a place to document what I do to my hair in order to keep track of when I washed my hair, did a special treatment, problem issues, styles I did and so on. It is also helpful for when trying out products and if your hair starts to act differently, you have a record of what you used, so that you do not repeat buying the "failed" product again.

What type of diary do I use?
I use 2 main sources for my hair diary. The first is this blog. Within DiscoveringNatural.com, I document pictures of ALL the styles that I do within my Hair Style Gallery. I use my Instagram account - DiscoveringNatural - to keep track of pictures of my wash days - products. Here are some examples

June 3rd Wash Day

May 23rd Wash Day


Do you have a hair diary?

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