Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What To Do After You Big Chop

Moisturize Your Hair Often
The first thing to know is Natural hair is very prone to being dry, so you need to keep your hair moisturized to prevent breakage.

One way you can moisturize your hair is by layering your products. Doing the L.O.C method is such a way. This mean simply spritz your hair with water or a liquid leave in, then apply oil and then a moisturizing water based cream. It is important to seal in that moisturize with either a thick oil like castor oil or shea butter, especially if your hair has a thicker density. Deep conditioning your hair weekly also helps in retaining that moisture.

Other way you can moisturize your hair.

Once your hair is moisturize, incorporating a protein treatment at least once a month will help strengthen your hair. Keeping a Moisture-Protein balanced regimen is ideal for natural hair care.

  Here is more information about creating a regimen:

Wondering what Deep Conditioning treatment is?

Deep conditioning is a moisture based treatment in which you apply a hair treatment (products usually come labeled as hair mask/masque or deep conditioner).
It is like a normal conditioner, but the way that you will know that it is a deep conditioner is that it will say leave on for over 5 minutes.

What is a Moisture-Protein Balanced Regimen?

Moisture-Protein Balance Regimen  is when you rotate between using a moisturizing hair treatment and a protein treatment. How I do this is if I deep condition my hair with a moisturizing conditioner (one that has no protein), then, I will moisturize my hair with a product that has protein in it, and vice versa.

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