Sunday, July 19, 2015

QOTD: How do I stop my baby's hair from tangling at the back?

With babies, as they grow, their hair texture and type will change.

Make sure that her hair is well moisturized. Keep her routine simple. Due to the fact that she sleeps on her back 90% of the time, it will be prone to knotting. Wash her hair with sulfate free shampoo or you can wash with conditioner. If you use conditioners to "co-wash", make sure to at least cleanse with shampoo once a month or every 2 weeks.

Moisturize her hair while damp. Apply some extra virgin olive oil or extra virgin coconut oil, then a light moisturizer. You can use your finger to softly detangle her hair or a soft brush.
As she grows, you can do twists in her hair to keep it stretched and prevent tangles.

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