Monday, July 20, 2015

How to Maintain Your Natural Hair Care feat. Hair Journal App

Finding a way to maintain your hair care can be difficult. In the past, I have written my regimen in a notebook, however, I always seem to misplace the book. LOL! I was so glad when I found this FREE app called, Hair Journal App. Now, I am able to maintain my hair care needs and that of my 2 daughters.

To download this app, go to your iTunes, Apple store or Google Play.

Click here to see how I use this app, or watch below.


  1. Purchased this app several days ago. Unable to make entries in the diary. Once the keyboard appears it does not move. Tried tapping on the side of the page as suggested by site. Still nothing. Suggestions welcomed. Help.

  2. You can try to uninstall. Then install again. Also send a bug report to the creators.