Saturday, February 2, 2013

What's up with all this Shedding?!

Lately, I have been experiencing more shedding than usual. Normal shedding is about 50 - 100 strands of hair per day. However, I take that information with a little bias. I monitor my shedding by how much hair I see while detangling, washing, styling, and my hair. Once I start noticing that the number of hair is increasing, I decided to do a quick test to make sure my hair was getting enough protein.

Take a strand of hair, wet, hold it at each end and stretch. If it snaps immediately or stretches very little, you need moisture. If it stretches 20%-30%, you probably have a good moisture/protein balance. If it stretches much more than about 30% and doesn't shorten up again (strand stays all limp and stretched  out) you may need protein. Do a few hairs just to get an average.

Hair before test

Hair after test 

Do you see how the strand does not curl back. Yep! Time to bring out the BIG GUNS.

And what is that?....

Protein Treatment.

For today's wash, I decided to use Aubrey Glycogen Protein Balancing (GPB) Conditioner.

Hopefully, I will see some changes this week.
What do you do when you experience abnormal shedding?


  1. How can you tell if you have protein overload?

    1. You can tell if you have protein overload, if your hair is dry or brittle no matter how much you moisturize it.

  2. Curl Junkie Repair Me is also an amazing Protein Treatment :)