Monday, February 4, 2013

Update on Aubrey Protein Treatment

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I know it's only been 2 days since I used the Aubrey GPB Conditioner, but I am seeing some differences. The amount of shedding has reduce a little. My plan is to use a moisturizing Deep Conditioner this week. Then rotating in the protein deep conditioner, Aubrey, the week after. I think doing a rotation will help me keep the moisture - protein balance in my hair. I believe that might have been why I was expecting all this shedding. I was not keeping a good conditioning balance.  Only time will tell.

Looking at my arsenal of deep conditioner, I only have one product that does not contain protein. I am still on the fence regarding if I like this product or not.
This contains Keratin and Soybean Oil

This contains Vegetable Protein

This contains no protein

This contains Wheat Germ Oil, Amino Acid Complex, Glycoprotein

This contains Soybean Protein

The hair.....
Hair at 8:30am
Hair at 10:30pm; Post SuperBowl Party.

My review of this product

Do you have a protein deep conditioner and a moisturizing deep conditioner? Do you do rotate them in your regimen?

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