Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Milk, Butter, Cream...How do you use them?

Milk, Butter, Cream... sounds like a recipe for a delicious cake, right?. LOL!  Well, I'm talking about hair products now...
When I decided to go natural, and went product shopping for the first time, I got a bit confused with all the product terms and when and how to use the products, especially the ones that have words like milk, butter, and cream.

Even when a product does not have words like these on them, you can tell by the consistency what category it falls under.  To be honest with you a lot of these products are interchangeable and inter-useable. 

For my hair, I tend to use the milk more as a leave-in product after washing my hair. The consistency of hair milk products are more watery than that of creams or butters.  If I want to use this as the "C" part of my LCO moisturizing process, I make sure to at least mist my hair with some water before applying the product. I love the way hair milk feels on my hair. If creams feel too heavy for your hair, try using hair milk products.

Butters are meant to help seal in moisture, however, a lot of hair product companies have "moisturizing" butters. As you know, sealants do not provide moisture, but if you add ingredients to the butter that are moisturizing, then they can be used as both moisture and sealing agents.  The most popular of all butters is the Shea butter. This has a harder texture that can be melted by rubbing a small amount together between your fingers. You can add oils to these, and create a whipped version of the butter.  Most commercial butters that you buy have probably been whipped to create softer consistency.

To moisturize your hair, using a cream is very beneficial. Cream have a "creamy" consistency. Excuse the pun. I use creams generally for moisturizing and also for styling my hair. When using gels, I would put a cream on my hair, prior to putting the gel. This allows my hair to not have that crunchy feeling.

If I want my hair to be moisturized longer, I would follow the steps below, after pre-pooing, co-washing, deep conditioning my hair:
  • Apply hair milk as my leave in
  • Apply oil to scalp and hair <do scalp massage>
  • Apply cream
  • Seal my hair and especially my ends with butter
Watch how I use butter to get this bantu knot out

Ladies and et, how do you use your milk, butter, and cream?

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