Monday, February 16, 2015

Big Sis: 3 Years Natural Hair Journey

Natural Hair Journey Big Sis DiscoveringNatural
January 2015 marks 3 years since I cut off the relaxed ends from Big Sis's hair. Yes, she was texturized and then relaxed. Read more about that here.  I trimmed her hair over the week. She as in need of a good trim. I think cut off about an inch to and inch and a half. Her last trim was in August 2014.

Before doing a wash, she wanted to do a length check and she was SHOCKED as to the length. I did notice her hair was really growing because my hands hurt when I did her hair. LOL! and her hair feels so strong.

This year, we are doing an experiment with her hair. We are doing 3 weeks long protective styling.
This is the second round and her scalp did so well the last time. If you want to know how we do that with no product buildup, then you want to watch this. Click here.

February 2015 measurements:

Hope this encourages you all.  If you are struggling with hair growth, watch this video below:

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