Collagen for Healthy Hair, Skin and Nail Growth + DIY Protein Treatment

In this video, I show you how I have been using Nutrixen Multi Collagen Protein for hair growth, skin elasticity and shine, and nail growth and also joint issues. You can find Nutrixen Collagen
Nutrixen Collagen is a Multi Collagen Powder Protein that contains 5 types of collagen peptides; Types 1,2,3,5 & 10. The commonly known collagen products usually only contain Types 1 and 3. This collagen powder can be mixed in drinks, smoothies, soups, cookie, eggs and so much more.

Benefits of collagen includes:
- Improve skin elasticity
- Reduce cellulite
- Stronger nails
- Healthy hair growth and stronger hair to reduce hair breakage
- Help with Bone and Joint issues
- Help with digestive issues

Watch below or click here to see how I make my Protein Treatment


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