Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Does SILICONE DAMAGE Hair? | Is Silicones Bad for Natural Hair #NaturalHair

Silicone and Natural Hair DiscoveringNatural

Do you avoid silicone in hair products? Find out what silicone ingredient names are. Although silicones have been labeled as bad ingredients for hair, there are some benefits.

- Reducing Frizz
- Heat Protectant
- Locking in Moisture
- Making hair shiny
- Making hair soft
- Great for High Porosity hair

My hair style: http://bit.ly/2ozKuyc
How to Reduce Frizz: http://bit.ly/2mNIXl4
Experiment with Silicones: http://bit.ly/2pMghNQ

There are so many silicone free hair products that are available to you if you do not want to use silicone. These hair products without silicone can be found by known the types of silicones there are:

Water soluble silicones or Volatile silicones, Non-water soluble silicones like Dimethicone are the most popular.

Know how to silicone your hair is best when you understand how to care for your hair when using silcones. 

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