Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Quick Gift Idea: How to Make Peppermint Flaxseed Gel

Don't go empty handed to that Christmas party. Here is something you can take along.


  1. Compliments of the season! Can one use milled flax seeds to make the gel?

    1. Milled Flax Seed will not work well, because it will not strain right. You will have pieces of seeds in your gel. It is best to use the whole one.

    2. How often can one use the flax seed gel for hair grooming? How do you know when it has spoiled?

    3. It depends on the style, if I only style my hair once a week and need a bit of hold, I use it. I try not to use it too often between washes so as not to create product build up. I only make enough for 2 weeks. Always keep it in the refrigerator. By the way, I research further regarding using milled flax seed. You can try using it, but strain with pantyhose so that all the seeds will be caught, do not use a strainer.