Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do You Get Your Best Hair on Wash Day?

Chunky Twistout with Perm Rods on Natural Hair

Why is it that on your wash day, that is when your hair looks the best? Like well marinated chicken!!
Actually, tomorrow is wash day, but I decided to do it today because I need to do Big Sis's hair tomorrow. Lately, I have been washing the girls' hair every 2 weeks. However, if during that time, I need to cleanse their hair, I will co-wash.

I went to hang out with some friends today, and of course... as usual, I got great compliments on my hair. When I told my friends that I was going home to wash it, OMG! They tried talk me out of it. LOL! You know me, I need NEED NEED to wash my hair weekly. I tried the 2 -weeks wash day and my scalp was like, No Bueno!

Now that I have washed my hair with Naturalicious Rhassoul Clay 5-in-1 treatment, my scalp feels great and my hair is so soft and conditioned. I love this product!! After doing my LOCO method to moisturize my hair,  I decided to band my hair.

A couple of things that I have noticed about my hair lately:
  • When I use the clay to wash my hair, loose, my hair does not shrink up as much as it does when I just do my normal cowash or use my Bentonite clay treatment
  • I can now get away with doing 10 chunky twists and have a decent twist out
  • Perm rods are friends to my twists!! They give me a curly bouncy look
  • I do not need to put oil on my scalp every day.
What are some new things you are discovering about your natural hair?


  1. I have noticed that I loooooove perm rods, too! I tried them on my braids a few days ago (pics on Facebook) and I loved the results. Next time, very soon, I will try twists and more perm rods this time. I never did oil my scalp every day; just every other day when my scalp is damp, for the KCCM castor oil challenge. ;)

    1. Thanks so much for sharing. I think I am now Addicted to perm rods. You can see that in today's vlog video on DNVlogsLife. LOL!