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Should You Wear Bonnets in Public?

Yesterday, I made a post on my Facebook page, DiscoveringNatural, asking "Are you TEAM Bonnet or Not?".  To my shock, a lot of people were against wearing bonnets. My daughters love wearing bonnets and there is no way that they would wear it in public. However, lately, there has been a trend of people wearing their bonnets in public. 

So what do you think? Should bonnets be kept indoors or not? 

The bonnet my daughter is wearing comes in so many colors and so affordable, GREAT CHRISTMAS GIFT. comes in many sizes too. Here is the link:

Should You Wear Bonnets in Public?

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  1. I think bonnets should be worn inside only, they look like bed caps.

  2. Truly I don't like bonnets and I say that they are made just for indoor. I recommend you to wear wigs for outside purpose.

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