How to Reuse Ambunu African herbs Leaves | DiscoveringNatural


How to Reuse Ambunu African herbs Leaves | DiscoveringNatural

n this video, I will show you how to reuse ambunu herbs leaves. Where to buy

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VIDEOS ABOUT AMBUNU HERBS DIY Ambunu Leave in Conditioner Wash day using Ambunu Herbs What is Ambunu for Hair: This can is great for wash day with african herbal shampoo ambunu. It is a new african herbal ambunu shampoo but can also be used as a diy leave in conditioner for natural hair. The Ambunu for hair is great as ambunu for hair growth and it is ambunu from chad. This ancient african secret ambunu (herbs) on my natural hair makes my dry natural hair feel like moisturized natural hair. My low porosity natural hair loves it.

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