Cherished Moments with My Mother : How to Wrap Moin Moin in Leaves

My Mom and her natural hair, age 17
May has been a month filled with celebration, Mother's day, my mom's birthday, Lil Sis's birthday and my birthday.  Yesterday, my mom blessed me with this beautiful picture of herself at 17 years old. Isn't she so beautiful?

Even as a child that has now grown into a woman, I still cherish the moments I have with my mom.

Even though we are miles and oceans away, we still communicate and she never fails to send me pictures of what she is doing, especially meals she is making. Of course, this always makes my mouth water. LOL!

Today, she sent me instructions on how to wrap moin moin in leaves

Here is my mom's FIRST blog post via Whatsapp

Nigerian Moin Moin
If you can fold it [the leaves] make sure you put some little sticks inside the pot to base it, then add water. Put at least two leaves on top before arranging them. As it cooks you may need to add water, just be sure to let the water go under the two leaves
STEP 1: Add sticks to pot
STEP 2:  Add Water to Pot
Follow these pictures to learn how to fold the leaves

Back folding from the bottom; This keeps the mixture from leaking out

Add a small amount of moin moin mixture. Click here to get the recipe.

Fold the top of the leaf pouch to close

Arrange a few leaves to the base of the pot.
Then arrange your moin moin pouches on top.

Cover pot with leaves

When adding additional water, lift the underneath leaves with a big spoon or fork because of the heat. Then cover your pot again. Let it cook for 50 mins. Always check the dryness of the water not to burn the pot. Very important.

Have a good meal,
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  1. Beautiful picture u look like twins from that photo. Very regal looking


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