Thursday, October 8, 2015

Wash Day: Protein Treatment with Aphogee 2 Minutes Keratin Reconstructor

Wash Day: Protein Treatment with Aphogee 2 Minutes Keratin Reconstructor DiscoveringNatural

After wearing my hair out for a week, it was time to give it some much needed TLC!
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Today's wash day:

 Step 1:
Detangle and Pre poo overnight with Trader Joe's Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Put hair into 6 chunky twists and cover with plastic cap and bonnet.

 Step 2:
Shampoo scalp only with SheaMoisture 10 in 1 shampoo, then without rinsing, apply Eden Bodyworks cowash conditioner, rinse.

 Step 3: Do protein by applying Aphogee 2 minutes keratin Reconstructor on each twists. Unravel twists, apply more protein treatment. Wait 2 mins
Aphogee 2 Minutes Keratin Reconstructor

 Step 4:
Cover hair with t shirt for 2 mins (while getting dressed), apply SheaMoisture 10 in 1 hair masque, cover hair with plastic cap and  Turbie Twists towel for 1 hour.

 Step 5: Oil scalp and massage with oil mix
Apply SheaMoisture curl and style milk.
Put hair into medium twists and band to stretch.



  1. I'm going to try this regimen on my hair.

    1. Thanks for reading and following. These steps are very easy to follow. I do the protein treatment once a month, but if my hair is not "acting right", I might do it twice a month.

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  3. Nice line up. I really like the Aphogee 2 min treatment.

  4. Nice one. You apply and leave all night?