QOTD: My Natural Hair Will Not Curl or Coil. What Do I Do?

QOTD: My Natural Hair Will Not Curl or Coil.What Do I Do?

Question: My Natural Hair Will Not Curl or Coil. What Do I Do?

The way you know if your hair naturally curls or coils is after properly cleansing it to remove build up, look at a strand and see what it looks like. If it does, then your hair does natural curls/coils. Using Bentonite clay is a great product that helps. You can also use a cleansing cowash. Next, to keep that pattern, you can either use conditioners, a curl defining creme or a nonalcoholic gel. These products will only enhance curl patterns that exist.
Click here to see how my hair curls/coils differently depending on product used.

If you want to FAKE a curl/coil style, you can do finger coils out or a wash and go looking twistout.

How to do a finger coil out:

How to do a Wash and Go Looking Twistout:


  1. Very nice. What cleansing cowash do you use?

    1. Good morning!! My cleansing cowash of choice is Eden Bodyworks Cleansing Cowash

  2. Hi! Thanks for this post. I just un-did my Senegalese twists (after 6 weeks) and my hair looked like dry finger coils. So since I avoid all dentangling process I just washed, co-washed, and cleansed it using bentonite clay which POPPED the already popped those curls like crazy. Thanks for the cleansing information. My huge concern is my crown that's very stubborn and it's the reason why I used the bentonite clay. Is there an alternative or should I be consistent?

    1. Try to be consistent and also put more moisture in the crown area to make sure it is properly getting hydrated


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