Are Transitioning Kits Really Necessary?

After viewing a YouTube video, where the vlogger reviewed Carol's Daughter Transitioning Kit, I started to wonder, are transitioning kits really necessary?
You might be wondering, what are Transitioning Kits?

A transitioning kit is a collection of products that are geared towards helping people trying to go from relaxed hair to natural hair. These kits usually contain two or more products and are all products under the same hair product company. The products in these kits usually contain a cleansing agent, anti-breakage product and a styling product. 

Below are some Transitioning kits that are available to you:

Carol's Daughter Transitioning Kit 1-2-3

This kit contains the following:

"Purifying Low-Poo Cleanser: Nourish & Wash away excess build up
Renewing Scalp Spray: Exfoliate & Heal Scalp and Follicles
Restoring Anti-Breakage Treatment: Hydrate & Restore Breakage Points"

This kit claims to:
"Restorative conditioner moisturizes and repairs dry, lifeless, over-processed and damaged hair. Strengthening elixir protects hair from regular use of heated styling aids without weighing the hair down. It provides incredible shine while repairing and moisturizing hair. Deep treatment masque deeply moisturizes and repairs hair, while providing a protective barrier from heat and styling aids. Consistent use of this product will ensure optimal results."

Cleanse your delicate tresses with Curlicious Curls Cleansing Cream without worry.
Give your locks a spa day! Curl Ecstasy Hair Tea conditioner is the deep treatment your transitioning tresses need. 
 Prevent breakage by restoring elasticity & keeping your tresses moisturized, daily with Quenched Curls Moisturizer.
Curl Souffle is the perfect product for transitioning. This rich curl cream hydrates, defines and locks in moisture required to prevent breakage during your transition. 

Do you use Transitioning Kits? What do you think of them?  Is it REALLY necessary?


  1. I think they are just clever marketing techniques since transitioning has become popular. There are lots of transitioners out there who dont know what products to use and dont want to spend a lot of money experimenting so they probably think the kit would be a good investment because it would be like a one stop shop and they probably think all their needs will be met by using the kit.

    1. I do see your point of view. I do feel, for my hair needs at least, that I need more than the kit has to offer. Maybe it is the Product Junkie in me, but I do like trying different products and not just keeping to one product brand.

  2. I agree with quiet storm. A kit may be a good starting point for someone who doesn't normally do thier own hair and wants to transition to natural hair. It does take a lot of trial and error when trying to find the right products, so a kit will be very beneficial to some, especially their wallets :-)

  3. No No No!!! I agree that it's just hair companies jumping on the natural bandwagon! I think intially, everyone is a PJ :)...after coming off the shock and awe of discovering something new, you realize what really works and doesn't and stick with those products.

    I wonder how/if my product selection and techniques will change after I BC...

    1. I always wonder the same thing too; if our product selections will change after BC. I look forward to reading on your blog about product selection and techniques changing after your BC at the end of the month. Please do keep us posted ;)


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